Holistic – (from Greek ὅλος holos “all, whole, entire”)  is the idea that health and life systems are interdependent, co-operative and parts of a greater whole.

Whilst many modern medical procedures isolate specific parts, an alternative holistic approach believes that the overall interconnection is most important.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

This is a fundamental aspect of the Holistica ethos.  We believe that health is reflected in how you feel, how you present yourself, your level of self care, your gut health, and how you choose to use non-chemical and alternative methods to sustain your lifestyle.  By treating your overall health as your main priority, most other things that are out of balance are more likely to fall into place.

Bren from Holistica Australia

At Holistica, we believe in these strong basic elements of personal growth and development.

My Story

I am Bren and I am married to Kacy, and we live by the beach in Merewether, New South Wales with our three daughters.

I have always been a spiritual person and deep thinker, although for most of my early life I was distracted by ego and lost in study for wealth and material things.  As a result, I ended up overweight, tired, and the financial crisis of 2008 pushed me to my breaking point.  I had invested heavily into a new business and my first child was on the way.

Fast forward a couple of years, and things hadn’t improved – I was even fatter, constantly tired, drinking heavily, and finding myself tangled up in multiple legal battles and ongoing conflict.

Something had to change.

And it did.  I surrendered.  I released.  I let go.  I opened up to exercise – first walking then running and then half marathons.  I made yoga a part of my routine – once a week, then three times a week, then daily.

I took alcohol, caffeine and dairy products out of my diet.  I cut meat from my diet and made amazing smoothies each morning full of superfoods.  I made space in my life for toxic people and let them go – many never to return – I also gave away many objects and material things that were no longer serving me.

I explored meditation and went on silent retreats and even began my own mindfulness walking group.  I attended countless seminars and workshops with motivational and inspirational personal development professionals – from international stars right down to the local Toastmasters – I was and always be a lifelong learner and listener.  I studied under a life coach for two years – and went on to take dozens of clients myself as a Life Coach.

And throughout all this, I nurtured a deeper sense of how each facet of our well being is somehow connected to each other part – no single part grows and flourishes in isolation from a greater whole – hence the Holistica theme.

Welcome to Holistica Australia – this stage of the journey is by far the most exciting and most inspirational for me – sharing the simple, key elements of a holistic lifestyle to people like you who – whether you are beginning your journey or you are making progress.

Welcome, and share your thoughts and feedback with me on Facebook and Instagram.



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