Walking around barefoot works.  As a part of earthing or grounding, allowing your bare feet to touch the earth – by going barefoot – is very helpful.   Barefoot means you are able to absorb negative electrons through the earth – creating a balanced internal bioelectrical environment.

Barefoot helps in reducing pain and inflammation, helps you get to sleep, and a study showed it’s efficacy in influencing physiologic processes for inducing relaxation.  Most importantly, getting grounded by walking barefoot is about stripping away the ego of heels and shoes and walking tall with what we have naturally.

“I regard earthing as the greatest health breakthrough in all my years in medical practice.  Regular earthing restores the body’s natural electrical state, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation and improves circulation.  No pill on earth can do what Mother Earth does!”
Stephen Sinatra, M.D., Cardiologist.

How Barefoot Running Works

Our foot structure – with its many bones, joints, muscles, nerve connections and sensors is adapted to convey information on uneven ground surfaces very quickly to the muscles controlling the lower and upper leg – and more slowly to the central nervous system to absorb pressure and guide our balance as we move about in daily life.

Walking or running on flat hard surfaces in shoes both muffles and renders redundant most of the motor and sensory abilities of the feet.  Further, repetitive stress and poorly fitting shoes may damage the feet. If all of our walking and running is of this type the feet are being exercised only over a very limited range.

Going barefoot over uneven giving surfaces gives the feet exercise that brings into play all of the abilities of the structure and the muscles, sensors and nerve connections of the feet.

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