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A Digital Nomad works at a location independent job – typically as an online entrepreneur or web developer or similar.  The main benefit for me personally as a Digital Nomad is that I do not have to commute to a workspace – I’m free to work from home.  This has opened up enormous opportunities in terms of raising my three girls as well as exploring yoga and being able to meditate, or go to the beach on a daily basis.  No commute means less time in a car or train and that is always a good thing.

“As simple as it sounds as powerful it turns out to be: if you combine exotic environments and inspiring situations with the collaborative mindset of our community this can lead to pretty amazing results.” – Gerald Schömbs, digital nomad.

My own journey seeking and finding location independence hasn’t been as much about travel – but instead being able to be around my children as they grow up.  And not being tangled up in some corporate pyramid waiting for a raise or far off promotion.  It all started with a bricks and mortar business we migrated to an ecommerce platform and it has grown from there.

At it’s simplest, living the laptop lifestyle means I can choose my hours and work really hard and long hours when I get really inspired, but also, to be able to step back and recapture my flow when things are blocked.

Starting as a Digital Nomad

Before you start selling all your possessions and booking your flights, my advice would be to work on your mindset.  Far and away the biggest hurdle you will need to overcome, or at the very least unclog some blockages – is your mindset.  And this is mainly around the story you tell yourself about what your relationship to work and lifestyle is – what your non-negotiables are and maybe re-aligning some boundaries that aren’t as helpful as you think they are.  Consider a session or two with a Life Coach, it can be really transformative really quickly.

Here are my favourite resources to inspire and confront me when I face a lull or lose momentum with my flow…

Reddit – the digitalnomad thread.  Lots or questions, answers and suggestions.

Unmistakeable Creative – this is a truly powerful podcast with massive back catalogue of inspiring, real world entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who have gained traction in their unique space.  highly recommended.  Just set it to play whilst you do something else and listen and learn.

Kerwin Rae – Inspirational Aussie motivator and real life guy who walks the talk.

Gary Vaynerchuk – simple, no bullshit instructions to get kick started.

FREE 14 page Digital Nomad Business Start-Up Guide – if you think you want to explore this more, check out this checklist and see just how realistic it might be for you.

Digital Nomad

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