Essential Oils

Let’s face it, Essential Oils must be one of the most over-promoted and misunderstood products in the health and wellness space!

It’s no coincidence that people have a misgivings around essential oils and are skeptical about their perceived benefits.  On the one hand you’ve got Big Pharma warning us about “un-proven and undocumented” results and on the other hand you’ve got a decidedly over-enthusiastic multi-level marketing machine pushing essential oils like crazy.

Me?  I tend to fall smack bang in the middle of the whole essential oil hype.  I have been using therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils from the big two multi level marketing firms, as well as sourcing my own independent essential oils direct from local manufacturers and suppliers right here in Australia.   Please be mindful that fragrance grade oils that you might find as a collection of 6 for under $20 are nothing like the pure, more expensive therapeutic grade essential oils.

My own experience is that the purest oils are really effective to use in my daily life as supplementary aids for my overall wellbeing – and that is what I am offering if you ask me as a representative of Holistica Australia.  Essential Oils work, and I recommend you begin using them from this day forward.

Best three Essential Oils

My favourite essential oil is Frankincense.  Frankincense essential oil is made from the resin of a tree that grows in the desert conditions of Somalia.  It has a deep spiritual significance as well as practical benefits of easing anxiety and reducing inflammation.

Next is Bergamot – which is derived from the peel of the fruit of a tree that is part of the citrus family.   Bergamot Essential Oil is an ingredient in Earl Grey Tea – and works especially well to ease muscle tension, and for digestive health.

Lemongrass Essential Oil crept up on me – it is really affordable, and has many uses – plus the fresh lemony zesty aroma is just plain clean to have around!  Lemongrass essential oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial – so it is good to have around when you step away from using commercial non-organic cleaning solutions around your home.  Like Bergamot, it is a general anti-inflammatory and works on easing digestive spasms.

FREE 31 page Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless.

Another great FREE introduction Olivia’s Essential Oils Guide for Dummies 19 pages from a respected Environmental Scientist.

A lovely 325 page FREE resource by LaRee Westover – Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils

Huge 994 page scientific resource – FREE for you – Handbook of Essential Oils – plenty to read!

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Essential Oils


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