Fasting has been around since ancient times as a safe method to detoxify the body and for healing the sick. 
Think about it for a second – fasting is giving your organs a rest – when we stop adding food for them to process, they can clear out the backlog and get on top of things.  Fasting three days a month helps your body flush toxins that build up from our environment, or from eating pesticides in our food.

Fasting has helped me eat more mindfully – it’s as though I really appreciate being able to eat – something so simple and taken for granted.  Previously I would stack my meals – even “eating in advance” so that I would avoid having to deal with being hungry at an inappropriate time.  But after fasting I learned to appreciate the “burn of hunger” and see it not as something to fear or to become impatient with – but instead as a natural yin state of being.


As I came to be more aware of the difference between my fed state and my unfed state, I learned to listen to my body.  I didn’t need to over-eat as much, and I came to untangle the confusion that over-eating is part of success or celebration.  It went even further where I began to unlock the obsession with taste and flavour as the number one consideration – instead it is the benefits and less harm approach.

I learned that a lot of the hype around eating breakfast is based on marketing and selling cereals.  Think about it – as hunter gatherers we didn’t wake up and then sit down to a big breakfast – instead we were up and about collecting food for our main meal later in the day.

There are plenty of myths around fasting, many are covered in the FREE ebooks below.  So read them and see if you can make it part of your daily routine.  Just one is the idea that fasting leads to muscle loss – which is not true.  Fating burns fat very efficiently.  The main thing is being able to sit patiently with the warmth of hunger and not make excuses to be snacking all the time.

Paul C Bragg and Patricia Bragg’s FREE 279 page ebook The Miracle of Fasting For Physical, Mental and Spiritual Rejuvenation

For a more concise and really graphical ebook, a big thank you to the Burn Fat not Sugar guys for Intermittent Fasting 13 pages of FREE info.

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