Meditation is a lifelong journey towards a goal that seems to move just a step further away the further along you feel you are progressing.

I hope that doesn’t put you off beginning your meditation journey!  Beginning meditation is fraught with frustration and that feeling that you are spending so much time doing something that offers no immediate payoff.  It’s a wake up call in a world where we are promised instant results.  In fact, for me my meditation journey began with a real feeling of going two steps back an one step forward each time I made time to sit in stillness.

The more profound benefits of meditation lie beyond the stillness and composure and sense of oneness.  Instead, meditation opens doors toward a deeper awareness and connection with the universal spirit – an invitation to genuinely connect with your intuition, your essential core values and your authentic self.  Now if all this sounds a bit beyond your present grasp, don’t worry – think of it as driving across the countryside at night – you keep going even though you can only so as far as your headlights allow.

How to Begin Meditation

Beginning meditation first thing in the morning is a really powerful tip.  Your mind is still from the night’s rest and the quiet space is more accessible.

Find a quiet space in your home – not outdoors just yet, we want to have zero distractions.

Make yourself comfortable – but not so comfortable that you fall asleep.  For some of us beginning meditation it is too much to ask to sit cross legged or in lotus position, so perch atop of folded blanket or a cushion so your knees and ankles won’t ache.  We want to be able to still in stillness for 5 minutes to begin with.

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