No TV Tuesday

I was always one for having the radio and TV on in the background.  I listened to politics and kept on top of current affairs and local issues.  I thought it was important so I would have an informed opinion on things.  Only later did I realise I was always at the mercy of the prevailing topic of the day.  So if a rock star died or some sports event was on – I was distracted by it.

No TV Tuesday

No TV Tuesday is finding balance with the 24/7 news and info-tainment cycle.  Essentially you abstain from TV, Digital devices, tablets, etc on Tuesday evening.  Instead, you choose to read a book, or go for a walk, cook dinner, play boardgames, or organise your shoes, or de-clutter your desk.  It’s about unhooking from the external world wide web and re-connecting with family, friends, and yourself.

Surprisingly Simple

No TV Tuesday is surprisingly simple to agree to and actually quite challenging to put into practice.  Each Tuesday you will find yourself automatically going to sit down with your tablet or device and then remembering to choose to do something else.

It’s actually quite frustrating, or humbling – recognising how dependent we have become and how much a routine we have built around these distractions.

Taking a break from EMFs – the electrosmog and wireless radiation we are all promised is quite harmless – can only be a good thing and help with mental clarity and lessening anxiety.

From little things big things grow – move towards no TVs in bedrooms – and even only a single TV in the house.  Also known as a Digital Sabbath, or a National Day of Unplugging – the whole idea of tuning our to tune into ourselves is gaining momentum.

Digital Sabbath; Distraction and addiction to the internet by Chris Teh 9 pages

Sleeping Digital Detox and Mindfulness by Brian L Seaward is a FREE 9 page brochure.

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