Organic Food

The first time I heard about organic food it was from some Hollywood starlet sharing about how important organic food was for her “inner glow.”  Organic food seemed like a lot of extra effort and expense for minimal gain.

I didn’t pay much attention to organic food until I began studying permaculture and bio-dynamics and it all began to fall into place. The connection between the health of the soil – and sustainable, synthetic-chemical free production methods – just makes sense.  The growth of my awareness in one area led to a deeper connection across another area – and that is the basis of holistic learning.

Organic food is the output of permaculture, in that it is produced with zero conscious application of synthetic chemicals or pesticides.  It has been said that it is virtually impossible to get 100% pesticide residue free food since we have polluted the food chain so thoroughly over the years.  But it is indeed accessible to source food that has minimal conscious application – that means it has vastly less than “normal” food.

Let’s step back for a second and imagine our “normal” food source, replete with synthetic chemicals, pesticides and even genetically modified plant stocks. Whilst you may feel you are eating healthy food, even if you eat vegetarian or vegan, you are still exposed to a catalogue of chemical additives.

And this is where it gets political – every time your choose to buy this food – you are supporting the myriad multinational fertilizer and hormone and anti-biotic corporations that ultimately owe greater allegiance to profit margins than your continued good health.  And this is something worth waking up to and being aware of.

Organic Foods

Have you thought about your lettuce leaves being sprayed for white moth with chemical pesticides on the morning it is harvested – and then you eating it with a minimal rinse under the tap in your sink? Imagine how much of the active pesticide ingredients that are entering your system?

From this, imagine what these toxins do to your health – as well as being exposed to them for decades of your lifetime?

Going organic means that you avoid all this toxicity as best you can.

The Dirty Dozen

The dirty dozen is the list of 12 most over-sprayed foods – foods that you should aim to eat organic if possible.

Ten Foods to Always Eat

This guy – Ralph Smart – has an amazing energy and covers the breadth of the health and wellness spectrum as a vegan for 13 years and following his own journey of self discovery.

The Australian What is Organic is a FREE 22 page introduction to everything you didn’t know about Organic Food.


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