Raw Foods

To be completely honest, I came to raw foods the long way.  I tried everything else first.  The idea of eating raw foods to me meant munching on a carrot or spooning a cold, limp salad into a bowl – not at all appealing.

I didn’t realise I was addicted to the textures and tastes of food – and that this was completely clouding my judgement and as a result I was bloated, lethargic, irritable and overweight.  Once I began substituting raw foods into my food, I noticed I was less headachey, less yawny, less needy for rest.

What happened was that instead of being seduced by the taste, texture and ease of eating processed and refined foods, I changed my priorities.  From now on it became about simplicity – less processed, less preservatives, less fiddled with food.  Less packaging, less marketing, less eating out – more taking responsibility, more being connected to what enters my body, more making my food journey a genuine interest.

I realised that real food is not about gourmet or pretension or how over-styled it was with foams and dipping sauces and exotic ingredients – but instead how untouched, raw and natural it was.  Eating food that was literally bursting with nutrients and minerals and energy – not thousands of carbon miles, shipped from exploitative working conditions, and showered with long-name chemicals I couldn’t even pronounce.

Raw foods is essentially about simplicity and coming home.  When you strip away all the fashion and ego from food – you are left with the raw, real essential ingredients – things like fruits, vegetables, tumeric, ginger – really basic core ingredients.  It’s all part of permaculture, and minimalism too.

Your own raw food journey is as unique and individual as you are – of course you are “allowed” to eat french fries or a packet of salt and vinegar chips or even a dirty big steak from one of those franchise restaurants.  But each time you do so, you’ll feel the rebound and come even a small step closer to confirming that raw foods and the simplicity is the way to go.

Victoria Boutenko shares her 183 page 12 Steps to Raw Foods ebook here for FREE.

I also like Sue Broeren’s approach with her 13 page How to Get Started Eating Raw Foods – also FREE.

Amanda Brocket is a passionate Aussie sharing her FREE 29 page Raw Food Starter Kit.

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