Smoothies are the most accessible way to add fruit and vegetables to your diet when you don’t actually like fruit and vegetables.  Well not yet anyway!

Part of the reason I didn’t like fruit and vegetables was the taste, the mouthfeel, or the texture – seriously, I was completely seduced by the high sugar, bright colours and crunchiness of processed food.  In reality, I was raised from the 1980s with “fun” foods like Coco Pops, or “healthy foods” like muesli bars.

It’s a no-brainer that I was eventually hooked on the highly processed, highly marketed foods – and by the time I stumbled into my mid thirties with three adorable daughters and a wife – I was completely lost!

Healthy was a total confusion!  I went to see a nutritionist and she tut tutted and eventually she photocopied some cheat sheet a sales rep had offered her a commission on!  I sighed,  but I kept on looking.  And then I found out all by myself that smoothies were an answer.

Smoothies mean you can eat a whole raw carrot everyday, for the rest of your life!

How good is that?

And then, imagine if you could eat a banana, and a handful of berries, and a knob of ginger, and some slivers of tumeric, and some soluble fibre, and some coconut milk, maybe some peanut butter, drop of vanilla or lemon essential oil, and some of this or some of that….?

ALL in one “meal” – all in one single, ice-cube chilled, easy to ingest drink?

Welcome to the smoothie.  It changed my life and it can change yours too.  It all begins with a high quality

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