Walking is part of the Holistica Ethos because it is accessible and it requires no training or equipment.  At Holistica we believe that the best health and wellness is achieved through simplicity and convenience.

You can go walking at anytime, anywhere, and gain the health boost of movement, some quiet time, as well as being outdoors.  Aside from these obvious benefits, let’s look at walking as an integral part of our everyday lifestyle – so instead of using cars or public transport – living closer to where we work and play.

It just makes sense – commuting long distances, or sitting with strangers on a train – doesn’t foster a sense of meaningful community or belonging.  When you walk places, you meet the neighbours, make connections with other walkers, and become familiar with walking your local landscape.

Toxic Suburban Drift

Living further and further from the hub of our community and relying on cars to get us to and from work is a massive part of the problem!  I can’t believe people drive upwards of an hour to and from work each day and don’t even consider it to be a big deal!  Here’s why it’s a big deal – you’re in traffic – with impatient, less tolerant people who don’t see you as an individual but as clutter on their road!  Also, being in traffic exposes you to hours upon hours of media – like the news – that doesn’t help forge a positive and constructive worldview.

Finally – driving everywhere means you are not grounded – and you are caught up in the billion dollar marketing machine that is cars and brands and logos.  You’re buying fuel and tyres and peeking at the latest model SUV next to you as though you are somehow not keeping up with the latest and greatest.

Most importantly…

This is the big one.  Walking is the entry point, the gateway drug, if you will, towards a life of health and wellbeing.  Seriously, at Holistica Australia, we began our journey towards spiritual and physical health by taking those first few steps and walking when we were pale and flaccid and pudgy.  It was the beginning of a glorious exploration that continues to lead to so many new discoveries even to this day!

So, yeah, walking is the beginning and the middle and the end – I walked just hours ago to pick my daughters up from school and we walked home together.  Red faced, a little puffed, shiny with sweat – walking is the way to slow down and re-connect with so much that is simple and healthy in life.


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